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IMG_0343.JPG (4797321 bytes)

Country Belles

 by Bella Embroidery Designs

Patterns $ 50

Pre-printed stitcheries $90

Love among the Roses

Patterns only $150



Family Heirloom Quilt

Pattern  $46-20 

IMG_0373.JPG (4070219 bytes)

La Maison des demoiselles

By Thimblestitch

Patterns available

IMG_0471.JPG (4400733 bytes)

Hearts Desire

By Petals & Patches

Kits $120

IMG_0437.JPG (4033229 bytes)

The More the Merrier 

By Bunny Hill Designs

Kit $140

IMG_0438.JPG (3785169 bytes)

Butterflies & Dragonflies

By Craft Haven of Berwick

Kit $110

IMG_0442.JPG (5039765 bytes)

Candice Bear in the Garden

By Artsmart Craft Cottage

Kit $23

IMG_0443.JPG (4211688 bytes)

Candice under the apple Tree

By Artsmart Craft Cottage

Kit $23

IMG_0477.JPG (4304972 bytes)

Embroiderers Blessing

By Cranapple Hill studios

Pattern and Kit available

  IMG_1999.JPG (4692225 bytes)

Remember When

Patterns available

IMG_0429.JPG (4292508 bytes)

Faith & Hope Cushions

By Gingham Collection

Fabric Kit $42-90

IMG_0424.JPG (3920125 bytes)

Antique Teddies

By Artsmart Craft Cottage

Patterns available


By Artsmart Craft Cottage

Kit $22-50




Lace & Grace

By Artsmart Craft Cottage

Patterns and Kits Available. (10 series)


IMG_0423.JPG (6004199 bytes)

Victorian Needlework Pouch

By Faeries in My Garden

Kit $58

IMG_0476.JPG (4384695 bytes)

Stitching Fairies

By Rosalie Quinlan

Kit Available


IMG_0481.JPG (5477036 bytes)

Confetti Blooms

By Rosalie Quinlan

Patterns available.  Uses 2 Jelly Rolls

IMG_0426.JPG (4835850 bytes)

Sweet Treats

By Giggle Buttons


IMG_0290.JPG (4182100 bytes)

Lullaby Dreams

Patterns Available.   Kits $70


IMG_0284.JPG (4534457 bytes)

Vintage Bears

By Calico farm Designs

Kit $81

quilt, flowers etc 006.JPG (4413718 bytes)

Jane's Stitcheries

By Brenda Ryan & Craft Haven

Pattern available

IMG_0478.JPG (3826973 bytes)

Tom the Pirate

By Brenda Ryan

Pattern available


IMG_0475.JPG (4409395 bytes)

Christmas Wreath

By Rosalie Quinlan

Kit available


IMG_1655.JPG (3781075 bytes)

Lullaby Dreams

Pattern and kits available



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